About Us

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Pico Media is an experiment. It’s a website that serves as a learning point for everyone involved – as creators, we aim to understand what kind of content the audience wants to read. We’ve set up a few touch points – content that is interesting to ourselves, and therefore (hopefully) interesting to our readers. Whether it’s a long-winded and profanity-filled rant, or tips on how to grow your business, Pico Media aims to be able to inform, educate, and relate to you.

Want to find out who we are?

Zachary Ceulemans

Inspiring. Visionary. Innovative.

Those words have never been used to describe Zach. Founder and chief editor of the site, he writes about any and everything that interests him. Which is many things.


Martin Hlousek

Martin is a person who was probably born in the wrong century, since he’s all about top hats, theatre, and gin&tonic. With his trusty pen as a sword and snarky comments as his plate armor, Martin battles the dragon of reality with each passing day, talking about films, TV series, and music. He’s got a portfolio, too – you can check it out here.


Jelle de Vries

A nerd for politics with a knack for writing, Jelle makes quick and punny pieces about anything and everything related to politics. Whether it’s current affairs of ancient history, Jelle is interested in it all.

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