Sorry Vice, But You Can’t Stop the “This is America” Memes

this is america memes

Earlier this week, Vice published an article asking people not to create memes out of the latest Childish Gambino song. Only, the Internet doesn’t like to be told not to do something. Let’s round up the latest and best meme parodies.

Vice posted the article with good intentions. They claim that “any meme from ‘This is America’ misses the point entirely.” Donald Glover’s (a.k.a Childish Gambino) song dives into subjects that America needs to have a long conversation about. For starters, the focus on trends and materialism instead of the problems that need fixing. There’s been a number of videos considering the hidden meanings of the song if you’re curious on taking a dive. Vice felt that the song and its meaning was too important to be trivialized, and so asked the internet to play nice, and not touch this one. In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch the music video below:

The Streisand Effect

When you tell the world not to do something, you open a door to something called the Streisand Effect – trying to hide something makes it more visible. A notable pop-culture example would be when Beyoncé told her publicist to delete a picture from web. We all know how that went. Broadcasting “don’t make a meme out of this” might as well be saying “I triple-dog dare you to make this a meme. Go on, do it.

For your enjoyment, and Vice’s grief, we’ve selected a few of the best “This is America” memes. Check them out below.

This Is America, So Call Me Maybe?

This is Russia

 This is Infowars

This is…Shhhhh


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