The 7 Best Video Game Engines for Game Development

Video Games are taking over in our society. Some of us play these games for fun and entertainment while others are playing video games to earn money like E-sports players. Video games are here to stay – they won’t vanish. Here are the 7 best video game engines.

I’m pretty sure these games ruin some of our communication and relationship but are there any other form of leisure and entertainment that we can do with our technology? None. Instead of wasting our time playing video games and ranting about certain bugs and errors. Why don’t we make one? So, we can feel how fun and hard it is to make games. All you need is a computer that is jacked-up in terms of RAM, video card, and storage. And of course, a video game engine.

How can you develop games better?

You can start by a powerful computer is a must need. Then, a drawing tab or a pen tab is needed. A drawing tab is a computer input device that enables you to hand-draw design images, animations and graphics. A tablet always comes with a special pen stylus that only works with the tablet. You can use this to draw anything you want similar to a pencil and paper.

Video game engines provide different types of reusable components to build the framework of your game. And gives you more efficiency in terms of time in building your game from scratch.
Listed below are the best game engines for game development. Each video game engine has its pros and cons so choose wisely!

#1: Unreal Engine (Free to use)

unreal engine
The Unreal engine offers an insane amount of options

Definitely the most popular and successful game engine up-to-date used by developers. Unreal Engine made by Epic Games gives users the ability to make games even without deep knowledge of coding. Epic’s most popular game, Fortnite, uses it to deliver a smooth experience. The Unreal Engine allows users to make games by having different types of blueprints and once you code the blueprint all you need to do is connect the right types of nodes.
Unreal Engine also offers the users great assets in the marketplace. All the assets found in the marketplace is bang for your buck and not to mention Epic Games recently released $12 million worth of assets in their marketplace for free from their game Paragon. Most games that we are playing in consoles or PC are developed with Unreal Engine. If you want to build a high graphics game this is your go-to engine.

Download it here:

#2: Unity (Free to use, Monthly Plans for Professional Edition)

Ah unity, the Swiss army knife of video games.

Unity which is developed by Unity Technologies is 2nd when it comes to game engines. Unity allows you to create 3D contents with ease. Unlike Unreal Engine, Unity is popular in terms of developing games for mobile devices. Its platform is designed for instant play mode, quick editing, 2d and 3d design tools. Unity has also been a go-to game engine when it comes to developing VR and AR games because of its mobile support.

The downside of Unity is that you need to pay for Professional Edition to use excellent tools. If you want to make a mobile game that isn’t high graphics quality you should probably use Unity.

Download it here:

#3: CryEngine (Free to use, Monthly Subscription)

Developed by Crytek, CryEngine is a very powerful game engine similar to Unreal Engine when it comes to graphics and visuals. CryEngine gives you everything you need with no license fees, no obligations or any other hidden fees. Its amazing graphics allows you to develop life-like characters. If you played Crysis before you know what I’m talking about especially the graphics and gameplay. CryEngine is also a go-to in terms of making high-quality VR games. Similar to Unreal Engine, CryEngine offers its users free learning resources.

The con of CryEngine is you have to pay a monthly subscription fee which is $50 per month.

Download it here:

#4: GameMaker Studio (Free to use, Monthly Subscription)

GameMaker Studio is a type of game engine which is widely used for mobile game development. GameMaker allows the user to create games even without having a deep knowledge in terms of programming. Instead, users can just point and click to develop games which makes it easier and faster than coding native languages.
The downside of this game engine is that it is used for 2D and has limited capabilities of 3D. GameMaker has a paid version which costs around $100-$1500. If you want to make your first game for mobile phones and you don’t have great knowledge in terms of coding you should definitely try this engine.

Download it here:

#5: AppGame Kit (Free to use, Paid add-ons)

AGK Engine
Getting into game development? You could start with AGK

AppGame Kit developed by The Game Creators, Ltd. Enables the developer to deploy mobile games on any platforms with a single codebase. It has its own script language or you can their libraries in C++ language. AppGame Kit is mostly used for beginners, indie developers, and hobbyists. It also offers a bundle base product with add-ons like the visual editor and DLCs which costs around $79.99. If you want to build your game within a short-time you should definitely use this engine.

Download it here:

#5: Godot (Free to use)

Godot is an open source game engine. It is free to use, no hidden fees, no subscription fees, no hidden strings. Godot is known for making great 2D and 3D games. Licensed by MIT, Godot game engine provides an enormous set of common tools and has a community-based type of support which means if you have any bugs it is constantly being fixed. Whatever you develop in Godot it is all yours.

Download it here:

#6: Amazon Lumberyard (Free to use)

Amazon Lumberyard a game engine developed by none other than Amazon. Lumberyard allows you integrate your created games to the AWS Cloud and Twitch features which helps you connect with other avid gamers around the world. The AWS cloud integration allows you to create online games however you need to pay for this feature. If you don’t want online services the integration is free. Lumberyard has no hidden fees or subscriptions fees.

Amazon Lumberyard is your go-to engine if you want to build an online game. From books to physical products Amazon is slowly taking over but it begs the question: will it be convenient for consumers?

Download it here:

#7 Hero Engine (Plan Subscription)

Hero Engine the all-in-one game engine and development platform enables users to create their own MMO game similar to Elder Scrolls Online. You can also create RPG, FPS and more. Developed by Simutronics, Hero Engine offers a cloud-based, real-time collaborative platform that allows the user to create and edit your game. Since it is cloud based the user can publish the game right away without any server set-up or downtime.

It also offers integrated tools and middleware software like Speedtree and FaceGen to make your development faster and easier. The downside, however, is you need to pay a plan subscription which costs around $99.95 annually.

Download it here:

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