Westworld Season 2 – A Scattered Timeline Bloodbath

Many fans have been waiting for Westworld Season 2, and how the showrunners would continue the story of our beloved characters. We expected much and more, yet somehow HBO managed to make some of us speachless anyway. Here’s a look at what changed in Westworld’s season 2.

It’s amazing, really: Westworld went under the radar for a lot of TV show fans, with giants such as Game of Thrones or the DC superhero series taking the spotlight. However, everything changed when the Season 2 nation attacked. What used to be a one philosophical conundrum is now a full-on war of ideologies. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at what changed in Westworld Season 2.

Westworld Season 2

Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

The War Against Humans (or Humanity?)

Let’s start with the obvious – the first season of Westworld introduced a park where humans could experience rich wild west stories first hand, without the danger of being injured or killed. The hosts, machines built to enact those stories, were living in this park, waking up day by day and executing the code that the park creators embedded in their minds.

Westworld Season 2 What Changed?

The hosts were helpless in the first season. All of that went out of the window in the second season.

Now, no one is safe in Westworld, and hosts are no longer programmed to obey. They can maim and they can kill, and they remember all the suffering and violence from their previous lives. The season two trailer that was first released sums up the atmosphere graciously, showing Dolores (show’s main character) shooting human guests while a mellow melody plays out.


Westworld Season 2 Wyatt

Ford’s Ascension

While some claim Anthony Hopkins‘ days are numbered in Westworld, there’s something that’s telling me that his god complex took a whole new form in the new season. Although we see him die on-screen as the guest uprising begins, I am of the opinion that Ford transferred himself into every single host in the park.

Westworld Season 2 Ford Theory

Crazy, right? The narrative that is playing out now, code named Wyatt, constantly references Ford’s work, and sometimes even forces some hosts to interact with characters the way Ford would. One must ask – are those scripted sentences that Ford embedded in his new narrative, or did he somehow managed to transfer his mind into code and is now the ultimate chess player?

Dolores & Wyatt, The Perfect Duality

We all remember Dolores from the beginning of Westworld. We’ve all seen the rancher’s daughter wake up every day, wanting to see the good in this world. However, that innocent Dolores seems to be gone, or at least not online at the moment.

Westworld Season 2 Dolores and Wyatt

As Ford, the park’s creator, once said: „Every story needs a good villain.“ And that was precisely what this narrative has: an exceptional villain. We get our first taste of Wyatt and what he’s capable of in first season, but nothing could prepare us for what came next.

Dolores, the rancher’s daughter, went from quiet to even quieter, and from innocent to bloodthirsty. Revealing that Wyatt wasn’t a man but a woman, she snaps the very moment Ford introduces his new narrative, promptly shooting her creator in the head.

Westworld Season 2 Wyatt

As the famous Westworld phrase goes, these violent delights have violent ends, and the ends are indeed violent. Dolores is embarking on a crusade paved with blood, and it seems that she is bound for the world outside the Westworld park. It seems that the real world might be at stake, and I personally cannot wait for the moment Dolores reaches the fate that she claims she saw.

Westworld Season 2 Bloodbath

Let us know what you think about Westworld Season 2 – will it be better than the first season?

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