From grinding to progressing – how World of Warcraft evolved into a unique gaming experience

Are you in dire need of a proper MMORPG experience but cannot decide which one to go for?  Do you like spikes and lions? Do you like a lot of spikes and lions? Then tarry not my friend, for World of Warcraft’s in a great place right now.

Ever since its debut in 2001, World of Warcraft quickly rose through the ranks of MMORPG genre and swayed the first place. However, rumours and bad decisions put the game between a critic and a hard place. As an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playling game), its reputation suffered at times, being called „an addictive computer game“ or „destroyed after insert expansions name“.

WoW's villains over the years

In 2018, good 17 years since the release of the classic World of Warcraft, the game now has six separate expansions, and that can feel like a lot of stuff to play. I can only imagine the newcomers immediately starting to be nervous about the sheer amount of content that is at hand. However, the World of Warcraft team back at Blizzard Entertainment has made the game’s story, levelling, and player experience in general really flow, not to mention the kick-ass cinematics and in-game character models.

World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

Having levelled three separate characters in the new levelling system and boasting a Loremaster title on my main, I can safely say that I’ve seen it all. And so, below are three main points worth mentioning when talking about the franchise that has shaped the world of software entertainment.

The „feel“ of the game – World of Warcraft reborn

OG Warcraft III fans will agree here with me when I say that WoW dialogues and character interactions were memes rather than immersing aspects of the game. However, with the franchise correctly realising that not everyone wants to burn through levelling zones and unlock the end content, things have changed for the better. As you quest through a zone or complete tasks on max level, voice acting takes a whole new level in World of Warcraft now.

Talking heads, emotions in dialogues, you name it. Be it either Khadgar cracking dad puns wherever you go or Prophet Velen saying „We must destroy the Legion“ for the millionth time, it somehow gives the player a sense of immersion.

Khadgar dancing gif

Apart from the Val’sharah storyline concerning Tyrande and Malfurion. We do not talk about that. ¨

Still not sold on the immersion? Then have a look at the environments in the latest expansions: the WoW development team sure upped their game.


Levelling experience

When someone mentions levelling in World of Warcraft, words such as „grind“ and „oh my god no“ come to mind. With its now 110 levels to go through before end content is unlocked, the game sure does look challenging. However, everything changed when the patch 7.3.5 nation attacked and the whole World of Warcraft started scaling. Yeah, that’s right, scaling!

Here’s what that basically means: the whole digital world is your oyster. Levelling through questing is as potent as running through dungeons, and whichever storyline you’d like to pursue, you don’t need to constantly check whether your level is higher than the region you’re in.

WoW levelling experience after 7.3.5.

That means that your levelling experience is fluent, and you get to know the world as you level. When expansions hit, you have the possibility to choose in which expansion you want to level (pick Pandaria, pick Pandaria always!), and before you know it, you’re caught up with the story so far, prepared to take on the Legion.

The story of WoW is a whole new dimension

The story of World of Warcraft might have seemed black-and-white back in the days of Horde vs. Alliance, but those days are long gone. If you’re that type of a player who seeks thickening plots and rich story developments, the latest expansion Legion has just that. Additionally, there are also things to look forward to in the future – the next expansion called Battle for Azeroth will pit the Horde against the Alliance in a battle that has no protagonists and antagonists, just two sides that hunger for power.

WoW Battle of Azeroth official poster

All in all, the story of this franchise offers both, an easy-to-follow chapter system where the player experiences zone developments, or a lore hole so deep when you stare in it, it stares back. So don’t just sit on your ass reading this article, grab a stick or something and go fight the armies of Legion!

World of Warcraft has evolved, and in a good way. While some might argue that things are easy in the game now and that players are fed content and epics like babies, Blizzard Entertainment has an answer for even that: Legacy servers.

WoW - Chromie travelling through time to Classic

What are you waiting for? Go, and fight for the Horde/Alliance! (whichever rocks your boat)

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